Bespoke fixture plate

Bespoke fixture plate


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To design a special fixture plate to allow all individual main bearings and crankshaft journals to be aligned to the instrument spindle axis. This enables fast and accurate measurement of large throw crankshafts on Talyrond roundness instrument. In addition the gauge arm assembly was re-designed to increase the radial capacity.



Project challenges

Key challenges on this project included:
• To design and develop a fixturing solution with minimum set up and measurement cycles.
• To design and develop a lightweight removable gauge arm.
• Integration to Taylor Hobson’s existing systems.


A dedicated eccentrically rotating index plate was designed and manufactured. A removable gauge arm assembly was designed to enable large throw cranks to be accommodated.


The solution has been successfully implemented and the design principle has been utilised in other systems, where large components are required to be measured

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