Development of CNG Home Refuelling compressor

Development of CNG Home Refuelling compressor


Gasfill – manufacture of CNG home refuelling compressors.


Development of a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) compressor that enables vehicles to be refuelled at home, operating from a normal domestic household gas and electricity supply which slowly fills the CNG fuel tanks within a vehicle whilst parked.

Project challenges

Key challenges on this project included:


• Developing an accurate thermodynamic model to enable the fundamental configuration of the compressor to be achieved.
• Design of a low cost high volume compliant product for the consumer market.
• Design of high pressure (250bar 3600psi) compressor components.
• Design to achieve a 4000 hour maintenance free lifetime.
• To develop a unique design concept in order to support worldwide patent application.


• Control system architecture to ensure compliance to emerging safety standards Testing:
• The development of test regimes and equipment for 24/7 lifetime and durability assessment.


All aspects of this technology which include the thermodynamic development of the compressor, control architecture, software/firmware and fuel delivery systems have been developed. Numerous compressors have been manufactured and have undergone rigorous lifetime testing which has resulted in the development of a pre-production prototype ready for manufacture. The compressor has been successfully patented in the USA, UK and within Europe.


Micron has completed the successful long term development of the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) compressor having developed numerous prototypes which has resulted in a pre-production unit that is now ready to exploit large volume manufacture.

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