Prototype for New Handheld Power Tool

Prototype for New Handheld Power Tool


Newmac Developments – power tool manufacturer


To design and develop a prototype handheld power tool to enable a 60mm wide recess to be chased out where a crack appears in plaster walls. This then allows a 50mm nylon
plasterers tape to be placed over the crack and then filled providing a permanent finish.

Project challenges

Key challenges on this project included:


• Optimisation of cutter design and drive parameters (torque, speed) through research and practical testing.
• Functional and ergonomic design using 3D CAD (Solidworks).
• Production of 3D Printer Components (Fuse Deposition Modelling) and other parts to provide a working prototype.
• Testing verification of the prototype using representative samples.


• Selection of appropriate motor and battery requirements to match the cutting parameters.


The initial phase was to conduct cutting trials on plaster samples in order to establish the power tools fundamental parameters in terms of cutter tool material selection, feed rate, motor speed and torque. The power tool was then designed using Solidworks 3D CAD which enabled the main body to be 3D printed using FDM (fuse deposition modelling) in ABS. All machined parts were manufactured and together with commercially available components a working prototype was created for client testing.


The project has been successfully completed which has enabled Newmac Developments to conduct cutting trials using theprototype


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